Symbiosis - Milan



ProjectBuildingsInteriorsPublic spaces
TypeUrban designOffices
AreaSymbiosis business district GLA: 100 000 sqm / Phase I Office Building: 21 500 sqm (Fastweb: 16 000 sqm)
ProgramMasterplan with Office Complex, Public Plaza and Underground Car Park

Symbiosis represents a masterplan for an innovative and energy efficient urban renewal project in a former industrial area in Milan which is undergoing a profound transformation. The first building to be completed will host the new headquarters of Italian telecommunications company Fastweb. The surrounding public space and the park are designed to create an inviting, inclusive and green environment for work and leisure. Fluidity between the inside and the outside is created through large glazed facades opening up to the park that contains unique meeting and working spaces.

Landscape architect of Adriano Olivetti square: Carlo Masera

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ClientContinental Development Corp.
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