'Arte' completes on sunny oceanfront of Surfside-Miami, Florida

'Arte' completes on sunny oceanfront of Surfside-Miami, Florida

April 16, 2020

Arte is a collection of 16 luxury residences on the sunny oceanfront of Surfside-Miami, Florida. Its architecture addresses the urban streetscape–the leisurely character of hospitality and residential buildings along Collins Avenue–and the building’s exposure to the beach on the east side. Protective yet fragile in nature, the architecture of the residences celebrate outdoor living in a uniquely Italian fashion.

The requirements of the site area are balanced by the symmetrical stacking of the building components articulated around the central east-west axis. These elements are extruded along the length of the building and represent themselves in an almost identical way on the east elevation as they do on the west. Arte keeps the complexity of an urban building located in a historical context while providing wide and open views to the ocean.


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